Ink & Imp Press provides clients with a wide variety of choices in terms of typefaces, ink colors, and papers.

Ink & Imp Press offers clients limitless choices regarding ink colors for their letterpress creation. We can mix any PANTONE color by hand.  If you want a precise PANTONE match, we can order custom PANTONE ink mixes from Van Son Holland Ink for your project. When we print, we use Rubber Base Plus and CML-Oil Base Plus PANTAnais Nin QuoteONE Mixes.

Paper choices are almost as limitless as ink color choices. I can order paper from these and other suppliers to fit your needs:

The typefaces in our ever-growing collection include: 

Announcement Roman, Barnum Heavy, Baskerville, Bernhard Gothic Medium, Bodoni, Bodoni Bold Italic, Caslon Open Face, Century Schoolbook, Century, Copperplate Gothic Light, Coronet, Deco (name unknown), Full Face Heavy Copperplate Extended, Globe, Gothic No. 578, Goudy Old Style, Greek Letters (for printing fraternity and sorority items), Heavy Copperplate Extended, Hobo, Huxley Vertical, Parisian, Park Avenue, Pastel Bold, Spartan Black Condensed, Stratford Old-Style Bookman, Times Roman, Times Italic, Univers, and Whittier.

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