Hand-set typeHere’s what Ink & Imp Press is doing to make sure Planet Earth stays healthy for the long haul:

* No motors or electricity are used to power our beloved 1894 Chandler and Price 8×12 Old Style platen press (AKA “The Imp”).  Good old-fashioned “pedal to the treadle” people-power keeps the press humming along.

* We encourage clients to use tree-free, 100% cotton paper (such as Crane’s Lettra).

* We use low-VOC Van Son Ink (both rubber- and oil-based) when we print. After The Imp is all inky, we use citrus-based, low-VOC solvents to clean up the mess.

* We hand-set vintage metal and wood type to create our letterpress creations for clients.   Using vintage materials instead of creating new metal or photopolymer plates minimizes the environmental footprint of Ink & Imp Press.

Ink & Imp Press – Quirky letterpress designs for independent thinkers as likely to fix their own car as they are to knit themselves a sweater.