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At Ink & Imp Press, we create letterpress stationery using a printing process that was state-of-the-art more than a hundred years ago. This means that we use old metal and wood type instead of photopolymer plates — those plastic things that mash into the paper and leave a dent that folks call “deep impression.”

The superstar of the studio is “The Imp,” an 1894 Chandler and Price 8×12 Old Style platen press. Everything at Ink & Imp Press is done by hand and that includes powering the unmotorized press. Good old-fashioned “pedal to the treadle” people-power keeps the press humming along.

Interested in carrying the Ink & Imp Press line in your shop? Contact us at Kim[at] for a copy of the wholesale catalog and linesheet.

Ink & Imp Press – Quirky letterpress designs for independent thinkers as likely to fix their own car as they are to knit themselves a sweater.

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